The feeling begins
Le sentiment commence (1999)
Christophe LACAZE (1976)

By Christophe LACAZE.


The feeling begins, pure, tenderly,
I fall, I fall on you,
Your face unites with me,
Erotic, revealing myself free
Like a virgin allegiance of my faith...

Sweet kiss... I think I love you,
Irreligious sublime you are,
Nuptial pell-mell bouncing me
From your charms to merge into my body,
Devilish with your sliding hand
Through this unappeased mirage on my burning virility.


I'm God's shade,

A continuous grace

Settles, glitters and fades,

If I do not share I may not,

Towards the origin of desire,

Before the language that will be
A transcribed miracle...
Common presence...


Confidence for confidence,
Whispered to the heart

If everything is a melodious ease to perpetuate...

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